Other Services


We dispense medicines for all our patients unless they live within one mile of a chemist. The dispensary is closed between 1pm – 2pm. Repeat prescriptions may still be collected but no new items will be dispensed during this time. Prescriptions issued during surgery appointments are dispensed immediately although patients may have to wait a short while for this to be done. Occasionally some medicines may have to be ordered from the wholesaler, so we ask that you give us at least 2 working days notice before collecting any requested medication.

If you would like to contact the dispensary, please email them at: disp.islipsurgery@nhs.net

Minor Surgery

Minor surgery is available at times arranged with individual doctors and patients.

Family Planning

Appointments can be made to see any doctor for family planning advice during normal surgery times. We provide a range of family planning including “the pill”, coils and diaphragms.

Child Health Checks

These are organised by our health visitor. She will be able to give more details at the appropriate time.

Adult Health Checks

These are available for all adults by appointment with our practice nurses. We also run special clinics for those with asthma, diabetes or ischaemic heart disease.

Care During Pregnancy

The GPs work with the midwives to look after women before and after the birth. Women wishing to have a home birth are welcome to discuss this with the midwives.