Additional Staff

Health Visitor

Our health visitor is based at Islip and contactable through the surgery on 01865 841976. She works Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but messages can be left on her answerphone on other days. She is trained in child health, health promotion and education and works mainly with children and families.

Angela Cooke – Health Visitor


Our midwife provides care and support for mothers during and after their pregnancies. She may be contacted:

  • Monday to Friday from 9am – 4pm on 01865 221696
  • At all other times, including weekends and Bank Holidays, please phone 01865 740204 and ask for the Blenheim Group midwife.

Please be prepared to give your name, address and telephone number. The controller will then bleep the midwife on duty and ask her to contact you. For non-urgent calls, please phone 01865 220457 (answerphone).

District Nurses

Annie Webb, Claire Quick, Laura Verdon and Jess Chilvers may be contacted by ringing 01865 904130 and leaving a message with the duty desk. Messages left after 4pm will be picked up the following day. Their function is to provide nursing services to patients at home who are housebound.

Annie Webb – District Nurse

Claire Quick –  District Nurse

Laura Verdon –  District Nurse